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Makore Veneer
Makore VeneerMakore VeneerMakore Veneer

Makore Veneer


1. Species: Natural sliced Makore Veneer 2. Grain: quarter cut veneer. 3. Grade: door grade, panel grade, flooring grade. 4. Main thickness: 0.45mm, etc. 5. Package: Wood pallets. 6. Delivery da
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makore veneer
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Makore Veneer    Makore Veneer

Shanghai Super Veneer Co.Ltd is a very professional manufacturer in the wood industry with two factories, one factory produce wood veneer, and the other factory produce veneer plywood. We can supply different veneer thickness like 0.45mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm,  1.2mm, 2mm, and high-end quality plywood, MDF, HDF, widely used for top grade furniture, floor, door, panel, building decoration, etc.


Every month our veneer factory can produce more than 500,000 m2 different veneer species like walnut veneer, white oak veneer, red oak veneer, cherry veneer, maple veneer, ash veneer, Burma teak veneer, ebony veneer, elm veneer, pine veneer, birch veneer, makore veneer, fleeced veneer, and veneer edge banding for our customers. In order to guarantee very stable supply with high quality, we have our own log purchasing department, professional slicing workshop, finger joint workshop, packing warehouse, quality control team and exporting department to control every process for our customers professionally.


Our veneer plywood factory focuses on top grade products, compared with normal quality of Linyi factory. We can produce as long as 3 meters plywood with wide range of face veneer species like natural wood veneer, dyed veneer, smoked veneer, sawtooth veneer, washed veneer, etc.


Till now our products have been exporting to Europe, Australia, Russia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, and enjoy smooth cooperation with all our customers. If you have demands of high quality veneer and plywood, please contact us freely for our 24 hour service.

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